FB theater

Everyday we get on stage and it’s in more than one theater.

At home, school, work, and in our spare time we interpret different roles that we could be more or less aware of. Indeed we are children and someone is a parent to us; and maybe there is a partner, possibly a friend, a student, a coworker, a tourist and who knows whatever else. In our interpretations we appear, formal, educated, aggressive, irreverent, complacent, self-centered, etc., demonstrating of owning a full range of expressive possibilities. These responses are initially adaptive but can become problematic when they are no longer functioning for our own well being.

Starting from richness present in each one of us, the theater-therapy workshop offers the opportunity to get in touch with the core of one self and to search for actualized and satisfactory expressive forms. Within the group experience, thanks to this amazing tool, you will learn to dramatize, un-dramatize, play, setting your own authentic creativity free in an healthy alternative to replicating, clearly an easier way than the clichés and conventions.

For some of us difficulties in interpreting one or more social roles is not dependent on faking to be but in taking the ownership and responsibility on interpreting it in an authentic way. In these cases the Theater Therapy workshop becomes a tool that allows the contact with the essence of one self and the search for original and satisfactory expressive forms.

The cost for four 2-hour long meetings is 100 euro; they will be held weekly, on Wednesday 19th and 26th of June and on the 3th and 10th of July; from 7pm to 9pm. The workshop is bilingual and suitable for people who speak English or Italian.

For info and registration write me!!